President’s Message



This is Mandaue City College’s official website.

Mandaue City College – Main Campus
| H. Abellana St., Basak, Mandaue City 6014 Philippines | (032) 343-3913 | (032) 414-0159 |

Our primary purpose for establishing Mandaue City College (MCC) is to provide technical and professional training in the arts, sciences, education, engineering, technology, short-term vocational technical courses and skills development for Mandaue, cities and province of Cebu, the region, and the Filipino nation. As a Higher Education Institution, it shall promote research, advanced studies and academic leadership in these areas of specialization. Its academic programs shall address the human resource requirement of a market-driven global economy.

In our Time and Age, the imperative to compete has brought premium on our ability to survive. Our capability to develop depends on our ability to provide the necessary infrastructures to receive and diffuse or process knowledge into utilitarian use, which is the equivalent of economic development. Peter Drucker, management guru, who coined the world “knowledge society”, has this to say about this predicament, “the cross-border movements of investments and industry in the global arena follow where the follow of information leads. “Knowledge has become an indispensable factor of production”. Knowledge is power but it only empowers those who have the knowledge and know how to use it, which is the equivalent of economic development. It is not about what you know but what you can actually do that matters in order to survive.

If we renege to diffuse the education divide, a technological lag is likely to develop into an economic lag, making the catching up process more difficult than it already is. The twin problem of quality education and lack of equal access to education is the cause of poverty. Lack of education and poverty have generational stranglehold for many Filipino families in our day. 86 in every 100 Filipinos are not in school. Lack of education is caused by poverty, and that poverty is caused by lack of education. So, come to Mandaue City College where quality need not be costly, it is a quality education for the poor.

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